We are a branding, content marketing and media company.

Or simply put we are Innovative Media Network #IMN WORLDWIDE!

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The combination and process of our focus areas is very unique. We rely on our three pillar system namely Brand Development, Branded Content and Media (BBM). We work with brands that believe in the power of brand development, real life good story telling and media to stay relevant and market their brands. 

Defining what "the brand stands for"

We brand businesses, people, places of nations and nations. Understanding and crafting what your brand stands for is key - It's what we do and then finding creative ways to communicate that message through visual and written communication. Communication expertise in the area of brand development has become major key to unlock new markets and to stay relevant and competitive. Every design job that we work on has a digital strategy in mind to fit in the way content is now consumed.

Creating meaningful engagements

Creating content that people cannot avoid to expose a brand meaningfully to a targeted audience is how we define content marketing or branded content at IMN. The fact is that the world needs stories - good real stories to be more specific and we search for the ones that are original and align brands with how people want to live better. Our delivery comes in the form of videos, podcasts, websites that communicate a specific agenda, thought leadership articles and advertorials for magazines.

Good news well expressed

Understanding and owning the media has become a powerful tool to market a brand. Businesses are acquiring media brands. Owning or being part of a creative media platform that focuses on telling good stories positions a brand meaningfully and it is less risky to damage or misalign the brand proposition of a company. We love starting creative media brands ground up. It makes us different and gives us an advantage to truly say what we stand for - FOCUSING ON GOOD NEWS WELL EXPRESSED.

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